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Major Engine Kit

Kit includes:
Piston set
(with rings & pins)
Oil Pump
Cam (Performance or stock) & AE Lifter Set
Mains, Rods & Durabond Cam Bearing Set
Thrust Washer Set & Lock Tab Set
Valve Spring Set
Timing Chain & Tensioner
Rocker Shaft & Rocker Bushing Set
Payen Upper & Lower Gasket Set
All Seals
Timing cover, Rear Main & Filter Head)
Special Positive Valve Seals
Oil Pres. Relief Valve & Uprated Spring

We have taken the guesswork out of engine rebuilding by putting together the best engine kit on the market. From years of engine building experience, we designed this major rebuild package to handle all the typically weak areas of a high mileage MGB.

By choosing high or low compression pistons and any of our street performance cams you determine the horse power you want your engine to develop. You will be amazed at the power and drivability you can get out of your engine!. We can help you choose the correct components that will work best with your driving style.

Notice that valves and guides are not included in this kit. Many B's have had head problems before major engine work was needed and often tired engines have rebuilt heads on them. I your head hasn't been done - see our Head Update Kit. Also notice that the kit includes valve springs, a rocker shaft and bushings. New springs are a must to get the power from your new cam. The rockertrain, a weak area, is too often ignored, causing that typical MGB valve clatter.

Call or email us, we will build you a kit, supplying any oversizes you will need. Also, we will customize a kit in any form you wish, such as adding in a dual timing gear conversion kit or dual valve spring set-up.


MEK001 1965 - 71 (pre 18V) $699.95
MEK002 1972 - 80 (18V) $655.95

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