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Weber Super Kit<

Kit includes:

  • Correctly jetted 32/36 DGV carb
  • Intake Manifold and Linkage kit
  • Air Filter
  • Accelerator Cable
  • Choke Cable (manual choke kits)
  • Header (either Cannon or Peco)
  • Gasket Pack
  • Installation Secrets Booklet
  • If you have a 1975 - '80 and have been thinking of making the upgrade to a Weber carb, it can be very confusing as to what parts you need to make the conversion. We have taken the guess work out for you by putting together our Weber Super Kits. Designed for changing over from the single Zenith-Stromberg to the Downdraft Weber, these kits give you everything you need to do the job. AND give you a break on the price!

    Even if you have a 1963 - '74 and are looking to upgrade from the SUs, these kits might appeal to you too. Though the Weber will run fine with the stock exhaust manifold, you will gain extra horsepower upgrading to a header.

    Genuine vs after-market Webers
    Genuine Webers are made in Spain. They have been for years. They are the real deal. The after-market ones are Chinese copies! They are not the same quality as the genuine units. The market place has been flooded with these Chinese knock-offs and some web sellers are selling them as "genuine". It is easy to tell the difference between them. The genuine Weber is embossed in the casting with the Weber logo and "Made in Spain". The Chinese after-market units have a simple Weber logo sticker. Make sure you ask when you are comparing products. Buy the real deal and save yourself the headache of trying to sort out a poorly made carb.

    Call us and let us set up a package for you!

    WSK001 Genuine Weber - Manual choke w/ Cannon Header $549.95
    WSK001 - AM Aftermarket Weber - Manual choke w/ Cannon Header $479.95
    WSK002 Genuine Weber - Auto choke w/ Cannon Header $549.95
    WSK002 - AM Aftermarket Weber - Auto choke w/ Cannon Header $479.95
    WSK003 Genuine Weber - Manual choke w/ Peco Header $659.95
    WSK003 - AM Aftermarket Weber - Manual choke w/ Peco Header $565.95
    WSK004 Genuine Weber - Auto choke w/ Peco Header $659.95
    WSK004 - AM Aftermarket Weber - Auto choke w/ Peco Header $565.95

    Prices good through May 31, 2017
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